Metallic Silver Logo Mockup.png


Create work for Sharpspring, a local marketing automation software company located in Gainesville, Florida. Their marketing automation software enables businesses to improve their marketing and sales processes and manage campaigns across multiple channels automatically.

These invitations would be administered to their clients across the United States inviting them to an event to learn more about marketing automation.


Create a set of hand lettered and foiled:

  1. Invitations

  2. Envelope Design

  3. Valet Parking Voucher

The entire design should reflect Sharpspring’s brand guidelines

Brand Attributes should convey:

  • Humble/Polite

  • Friendly

  • Genuine

  • Nimble

  • Innovative

  • Alternative


  • Witty, not cliche

  • Friendly, not corporate

  • Easy-to-understand, not jargon-y

  • Humble, not sales-y

  • Helpful, not pushy