GuavaGirl Podcast Image Mockup

Used on Guava Empowerments podcast page. Photoshop mockup.

Icons In Action

GuavaGirl Sticker

Sold on Guava Empowerments website.

Picture: @isabella.guava

Picture: @isabella.guava

guava Empowerment Icons


Create a set of Iconography to tie the Guava Brand together across their Website, Podcast Stream and Social Media. Guava Empowerment seeks to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses and social media accounts through coaching and consulting. With over 10,000 Instagram followers, they are the coaching queen.


A set of 8 icons to seamlessly go along with their brand. The style emanates feminine charm and girlbossery. The color palette resembles a Guava fruit, a staple piece of the guava Empowerment logo and brand.

Icons (Left to Right):

  • GuavaGirl
  • Graphic Design
  • GuavaGirl Podcast Microphone
  • Miami to Gainesville FL
  • GuavaGirl Podcast Retro
  • Sales Funnel
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Resources + Collaboration

Brand Values:

  • Female Entrepreneurship & Empowerment
  • Instagram Growth & Engagement
  • Passionate & Confident